Original artists who inspired Art Walk on The Square

“Here are the pictures of those few original artists that were the inspiration for the Art Walk and the reason we still go on every year.  Wow, did they ever start something!  And oh, the changes this Art Walk event has brought to our Frankston Downtown Square, which brings more people to the other businesses in our town where they will find even more dining and shopping opportunities.”   — Courtesy Photos from Coordinator Gigi Selman

The very first of my inspirational artists was, of course, our precious SUSAN BURKS BEARD, who passed away in 2019,” Mrs. Selman said.  She rarely sold her work. She gave it away. Just like she gave her heart and soul to everyone who knew her. Thank you, Susan, for touching our lives.

There is no better artist than STACI SAUNDERS. She amazes me with her talent and aggravates me with her procrastination, but there is no better art on display anywhere else. In case you did not know, she is the artist who painted the glorious Indian and Maiden on the gymnasium walls,” Mrs. Selman noted.  Oh yeah !

When I saw what kind of creations our beloved SARAH THACKER could make, I was in awe,” Mrs. Selman said.  All her pieces tell a story.  Her art shows her talent, but even more, it shows her faith in God.  What an inspiration she is to us all!

“KELLY WIGGINS was another artist who inspired me,” Coordinator Selman said. Even though you refuse to admit that you are an awesome artist, I will continue to sing your praises until I die.  If anyone has the time, just go look at the mural on the wall at Michelle's Beauty Shop and the mural painted in the vault of the Bank-quet Room. • © The frankston citizen 1999-2022