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Frankston Maidens Volleyball — 2021

Nov. 12, 2021

Maidens volleyball team players

receive 21-AA District honors

The Frankston Maidens volleyball team placed several members on the District 21-AA All-District Honors list as of the end of competition for 1A  and 2A district teams in the playoffs.

Coach Lisa Hokit listed the Maidens honored:

Sophomore Bandy Bizzell received a special honor, chosen as Most Valuable Player as Server. Also receiving a special honor was junior Ja’Shalyn (Shay) Hatton as Newcomer of the Year.

Chosen to the All-District First team were seniors Maggie Caveness, Haidyn Hokit, Brianna (Bri) Looney and Gracie Roark.

Named to the All-District Second Team were Lynsie Bizzell, Trinity Coats, Amber Foscue and Coralyn Happel.

Honorable mention selections were Natalie Crawley, Kaylee Davis and Kaitlyn Matthews.

Honored for Academic All-District were Bandy Bizzell, Lynsie Bizzell, Maggie Caveness, Trinity Coats, Natalie Crawley, Kaylee Davis, Amber Foscue, Coralyn Happel, Ja’Shaylyn Hatton, Haidyn Hokit, Brianna Looney, Kaitlyn Matthews and Gracie Roark.

Nov. 2, 2021

Maidens fall 3-0 to Centerville

in bi-district match on Nov. 2

The second seeded 21-2A Frankston Maidens fell to third seeded District 22-2A Centerville 3-0 Tuesday night, Nov. 2 in a Class 2A bi-district match at Fairfield to end what was a mostly successful volleyball season, according to a report from Maidens Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens had a 19-11 season record and finished second with a 9-5 mark in district play.

This was the second straight season that the Maidens had qualified for the playoffs, last year as first seed. In that bi-district match, they fell to Normangee.

This year against Centerville, the Maidens came within a few points of forcing the match into a fourth set with a chance to win and go into a fifth and deciding set.

Centerville took the first two sets 17-25 and 14-25 and made it necessary for the Maidens to win the third set. They came close but Centerville edged them 23-25.

Coach Hokit said Centerville is a good team from a tough district.

“We battled with rhythm all season and last night was no exception,” she said. “We were in too big of a hole once things started going our direction.

“This group of girls never gave up, and I am so proud of them for giving it their all,” the Maidens coach said.

District 21-2A leader Cayuga advanced to Area competition with a 3-1 win over Normangee, and a Class A team in the district, third-seeded Oakwood, defeated Calvert 3-1. Other 21-2A teams lost their matches, Kerens to Jewett Leon 3-0 and Cross Roads to Iola 3-0. Neches and Trinidad drew byes and get their first action in Area competition, Trinidad against High Island and Neches against Goodrich.

Congratulations, Maidens!

Oct. 26, 2021

Maidens earn second seed in 2A

playoffs after final season victory

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team Tuesday, Oct. 26 defeated the Trinidad Lady Trojans 3-0 to close out their regular season with a 9-5 record, good enough to earn them a second seed spot in the Class 2A playoffs, according to Maidens Coach Lisa Hokit..

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, district coaches determined the seeding for the playoffs and, even though Frankston and Kerens ended in a tie for second, both with 9-5 records, the Maidens were awarded second seed because they had defeated Kerens twice during district play, the coach said.

The Maidens will be playing in a bi-district match on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. against Centerville at Fairfield, Coach Hokit said. The Maidens will be the home team.

The competitive Trinidad team played the Maidens close at times, the Maidens coach reported. After the Maidens won the first set 25-19, the Lady Trojans came back in the second set to test the Maidens who took a 25-22 win. The Maidens finished the match and their regular season with a 25-18 third set victory to win all three of the best of five sets in the match.

Cayuga, which finished with a 10-0 district record, was seeded first and Kerens and Cross Roads were seeded third and fourth respectively.

In Class 2A bidistrict matches,  first seed Cayuga will play Normangee at Buffalo at 8 p.m. after a match between fourth seed Cross Roads and Iola at 6. Third seed Kerens will play Jewett Leon at 6 p.m. prior to the Frankston-Centerville match at 8 at Fairfield.

Only one bi-district match appears to be scheduled among the district’s Class A teams. Third seed Oakwood is scheduled to play second seed Calvert at a date and time to be announced. First seed Neches and second seed Trinidad appear to have drawn a bye awaiting area competition.

Oct. 22, 2021

Maidens varsity tops Cross Roads

3-1 in crucial match of 2A teams

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team increased their chances of being the second seed in the playoffs among Class 2A teams in District 21-AA Friday, Oct. 22 defeating Cross Roads 3-1 at the FHS gym.

The Maidens are now 8-5 while Cross Roads drops back to 7-6. Cayuga kept its hold on the first seed with a 3-0 win over Grapeland. Kerens and Cross Roads are scheduled to play on Tuesday, Oct. 26 to determine their playoff seeding.

In the key battle between two strong teams vying for second place, the Maidens fell to Cross Roads 20-25 in the first set, despite coming on strong late in the set and threatening to win. In the second set they had to fight their way back, but thanks to some good serving and net play, the Maidens grabbed a 26-24 win.

The win in the second set made it 1-1 and the Maidens got into the groove in the last two 25-11, 25-11 to win the match.

The fact that it was Senior Night didn’t seem a distraction for the Maiden varsity, particularly in the late sets.

Honored between the varsity and junior varsity matches, were the six seniors on the team. They are Brianna (Bri) Looney, Haidyn Hokit, Maggie Caveness, Gracie Roark, Kaitlyn Matthews and Tia Billingsly. Tia had played on the team for three years prior but this year was sidelined recovering from an injury suffered last year in basketball.

Coach Lisa Hokit had words of praise for the Maidens team.

“We started off a little rough but never lost our will to win,” the coach said. “These girls’ resiliency to bounce back and even out their play has come on strong lately.”

She had special words for the team’s seniors.

“I am so proud and thankful for our seniors,” Coach Hokit said. “Every single one of them makes up a huge part of this team’s dynamics.”

In the junior varsity match that followed, the Maidens JV played Cross Roads close in the first set, losing 22-25 and lost the second match set 18-25 despite attempting a late comeback.    (Video Clip of Maidens-Cross Roads match HERE )  

Oct. 22, 2021

BATTLE AT NET — Maidens senior Haidyn Hokit (14) leaps high at the net against a Cross Roads opponent Friday, Oct. 22 in the FHS gym.

— Courtesy Photo

  GRACIE RETURNS — Maidens senior Gracie Roark (17) goes high for a return  of the volleyball over a Cross Roads player  Oct. 22. The Maidens won the big match by 3-1. — Courtesy Photo

  BATTLE AT NET — Senior Maggie Caveness (12) battles with a Cayuga player at the net Saturday, Oct. 9. Trinity Coats (9) comes up to help.

— Courtesy Photo

  JV ACTION — Zoey Walker (17) returns the ball against Cayuga Saturday, Oct. 9 for the Maidens JV. Kassie Nabors (6) comes up to help. The JV won 2-0.

— Courtesy Photo

BANDY RETURN — Sophomore Bandy Bizzell (10) leaps high to return the volleyball against Neches T Oct. 5. — Courtesy Photo

GRAPELAND ACTION — Maggie Caveness (12) returns volleyball against Grapeland Tuesday, Sept. 21. —Courtesy Photo

MAIDENS VOLLEYBALL SENIORS HONORED — Seniors on the 2021 Frankston Maidens volleyball team were recognized and honored Friday, Oct. 22 between varsity snd junior varsity matches with Cross Roads at the FHS gym.

— Courtesy  Photo

  VOLLEYBALL ACTION — Frankston Maiden Maggie Caveness (12) leaps high to return the volleyball in action in the first full week of non-district competition in August 2021. Shay Hatton (11) stands by in support.

— FISD Courtesy Photo



From 2020

Oct. 19, 2021

Maidens battle to key 3-1 win

over strong Kerens on Oct. 19

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team won a key District 21-2A victory Tuesday, Oct. 19, downing a very good Kerens team 3-1 in action at Kerens, according to a report by Coach Lisa Hokit.

The victory by the Maidens threw the district standings among Class 2A teams into a three-way tie with Frankston, Cross Roads and Kerens, each with 7-5 records. Cayuga remained undefeated in first place with a 3-1 win over Neches.

The Maidens varsity got their win, coming back from a 17-25 loss in the first set and then battling the formidable Kerens team 25-21, 25-16, 25-23 in a long four-set match.

It was a significant win for the Maidens varsity, because Kerens had been coming off a stunning 3-0 win over a very good Neches team on Friday, Oct. 15 to move into second place in district standings for 2A teams.

Coach Lisa Hokit was excited about the win.

“I am so proud of how each and every one played,” she said of her team. “The Maidens fought hard, never lost their composure and never gave up.”

The Maidens coach observed that Kerens looked like a different team from the first round when the Maidens took the match.

“They (Kerens) played hard and it took us a little time to adjust,” Coach Hokit said. “It was a long four sets.”

She said of the Maidens accomplishment, “We need to maintain this momentum for the rest of the season.”

That momentum the coach wants will be needed on the FHS court Friday, Oct. 22 when the Maidens go against Cross Roads, a team which defeated the Frankston girls 3-1 in a hard-fought first round battle on Sept. 28 at Cross Roads.  Adding to the drama, it will be Senior Night. The crucial varsity match will begin at 4:30 p.m., followed by the junior varsity match.

Earlier in the evening, the improving Frankston Junior Varsity team won their match with the Kerens JV 2-1, taking the third set and the match after being tied with their Kerens counterparts at 1-1, forcing a third set in the best of three series.

Oct. 15, 2021

Maidens varsity defeats Grapeland

in 21-2A match; JV wins in two sets

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team Friday, Oct. 15 defeated Grapeland 3-0 in a District 21-2A match among Class 2A teams at Grapeland, according to a report from Maidens Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens varsity dominated in consecutive sets of a best of five series 25-3, 25-11, 25-15.

Earlier the Maidens junior varsity won 2-0 over their Grapeland counterparts 25-8, 25-10 in a best of three series of sets.

The varsity win boosted their district record to 6-5.

The Maidens varsity and junior varsity will go to Kerens on Tuesday, Oct. 19 for matches starting at 5 p.m. Then on Friday, Oct. 22, they host Cross Roads for matches starting at 4:30 p.m. on Senior Night at the FHS gym.

Oct. 12, 2021

Maidens take second district win

against Oakwood 3-0 on Oct. 12

The Frankston Maidens varsity evened their District 21-2A record to 5-5 and their record against Class A members of the district to 3-2 Tuesday, Oct. 12 with a victory at Oakwood 3-0, according to a report from Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens fought off a challenge by Oakwood in the first set, winning 25-23 but then proceeded to dominate the Panthers 25-18 in the second set and 25-15 in the third and winning set of the best 3 of 5 match.

It was the second time this year that the Maidens had won over Oakwood. They had defeated the Panthers 3-0 on Sept. 18, winning all three sets convincingly at the FHS gym 25-14, 25-6, 25-13.

The Maidens varsity and junior varsity will be journeying to Grapeland on Friday, Oct. 15 for matches starting at 4:30 p.m. Then on Tuesday, Oct. 19, they will go to Kerens for matches starting at 6 p.m.

Oct. 9, 2021

Maidens give Cayuga challenge

before falling on Oct. 9 by 3-0

The Frankston Maidens volleyball team challenged the Class 2A leader in District 21-2A, the Cayuga Lady Wildcats, in every set Saturday, Oct. 9 before falling 3-0 in action at the FHS gym, according to a report from Coach Lisa Hokit.

In the first set, the Maidens earned 21 points before Cayuga scored their winning 25. It was close also in the second set as the Frankston girls fell 19-25. Cayuga was to take the third set and the match 21-25, having to stave off a serious challenge by the Maidens.

The win by Cayuga made their record 9-0 among 2A teams in the district while the loss dropped the Maidens to 4-5, four of their losses coming from Neches and Cayuga. The Lady Wildcats are 27-5 for the season and he Maidens are 14-10.

In an earlier match, the Maidens Junior Varsity won 2-0. No set scores were immediately available.

Oct. 5, 2021

Neches comes back in 3 final sets

after Maidens take first two early

Two volleyball teams from either end of FM 19 battled it out for five sets and it turned out that extended volleys helped determine the winner Tuesday night, Oct. 5 on the court of the FHS gym.

The defending three-time Class A State Champion Neches Lady Tigers finally came out with a 3-2 victory, but the Frankston Maidens didn’t make it easy.

The Maidens looked like they were going to get a measure of revenge over the formidable Neches team which had defeated them 3-1 in their first round meeting. Frankston took the first set 25-13 decisively and held off an attempted Neches comeback in the second set, winning it 25-20.

However, in the third set, the Lady Tigers overcame an early 10-8 deficit and started a scoring series which put them ahead 20-15 before the Maidens started battling back, finally narrowing the Neches lead to 22-24. Neches went on to take the set, marked by lengthy volleys, scoring the winning point 22-25.

In the fourth set, a Frankston win would have meant, set and match, but Neches had other plans. Their players seemed to return everything the Maidens threw at them as they jumped out to a 12-9 lead and expanded it to 19-13 before the Maidens could launch a comeback. The volley battle continued and Frankston staged a challenge which put them within four points at 20-24. Neches saved the match and forced a decisive fifth set with a 20-25 victory.

In a best of five series, it takes only 15 points to win a fifth set and things didn’t look well for the Maidens early as they fell behind 1-9 before scoring another point. However, they started a 11-point comeback which resulted in a 12-12 tie at one point, but Neches won the the last three points to finish with the win at 12-15.

It was a battle to the end as both teams seemed to be able to return everything the other offered, but in the late sets, the Lady Tigers managed to hold the edge.

Earlier in the evening the Maidens Junior Varsity won over the Neches JV 2-1 taking the first set 25-17 before falling in the second 20-25. They secured the win with a 15-10 advantage in the third and decisive set of the best of three match.

The Neches varsity win boosted their district record among Class A teams to 7-1 and put the Maidens at 4-4.

For the Maidens, another tough match looms on Saturday, Oct. 9 against the 2A leader Cayuga, so far undefeated in district play. Junior varsity action begins at 10 a.m. Cayuga is the only district team to have defeated Neches so far.

(See Video Clip of Maidens-Neches match HERE )

Oct. 1, 2021

Maidens finish 21-2A first round

with 3-0 victory over 1A Trinidad

The Frankston Maidens varsity finished the first half of the District 21-2A district schedule with a 3-0 win over 1A member Trinidad Friday, Oct. 1 at the FHS gym, according to a report by Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens won the three sets 30-28, 25-11, 25-17 against the Class A member of the district and a 2-1 record over that class in the first round. After a loss to Cross Roads on Tuesday, Sept. 28, they are 2-2 against Class 2A teams and 4-3 overall after the first round in the district.

About the Trinidad match, Coach Hokit said the Maidens started off slow but “finally got into a rhythm, especially at the service line”.

The Maidens start their second round of district play, hosting the Neches Lady Tigers at the FHS gym. The Maidens will be trying to even their record against Neches, which won over the Frankston girls in the first match of district play, their only defeat by a Class A member of the district. Action begins with the junior varsity match at 5 p.m., followed by the varsity contest.

Then on Saturday, Oct. 9, they will try to even the record against Cayuga, a 2A opponent which won over the Maidens in their first round meeting and is undefeated in district play. This time the two teams will meet on the Maiden home court, the FHS gym, with JV action starting things off at 10 a.m.

Sept. 28,  2021

Cross Roads edges Maidens

in tight set play on Sept. 28

The Frankston Maidens varsity gave the Cross Roads Lady Bobcats a battle in all four sets Tuesday, Sept. 28 before falling 1-3 in a District 21-2A volleyball match at Cross Roads, according to a report by Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens came close in the first set before losing 20-25 but they came back to win the second set 25-22 to even things up. It was another close one in the third set as the Frankston girls fell by two 23-25. The fourth set proved decisive. Cross Roads won the competitive match by taking that fourth set 21-25.

The two 2A teams were tied for second in the district before the match at 3-2. The Lady Bobcats moved into sole possession of second with more than half the district schedule still to be played.

In an earlier match, the Maiden Junior Varsity won over their Cross Roads counterparts in three sets. Set scores and other details were not immediately available.

The Maidens will host the Class A Trinidad varsity on Friday, Oct. 1 starting at 4:30 p.m. Then the Maidens will begin the second half of the district schedule by hosting Neches, leader among Class A teams in the district, on Tuesday, Oct. 5. Junior varsity action is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. followed by the varsity match.

The Maidens met Neches in their first District 21 match after two and one-half weeks off the court but played Neches close in two of the three sets before falling 0-3.

Sept. 24,  2021

Maidens defeat Kerens 3-1 in key

win against Class 2A district team

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team won their third District 21-2A match Friday, Sept. 24 when they defeated Class 2A Kerens 3-1 at the FHS gym.

The Maidens won the first set handily 25-17, but got off to a slow start early in the second set and despite a strong effort to come back, fell 19-25. In the third set, it was close in early going but the Maidens took control later and finished with a 25-13 win over the competitive Kerens team. In the fourth and decisive set, the Frankston girls started off strong and held a commanding lead throughout the set, winning  25-13 and taking the best 3 of 5 match by 3-1.

The Maidens Junior Varsity Blue team defeated Kerens in two sets. Further details were not immediately available.

The Maidens are scheduled to go to Cross Roads on Tuesday, Sept. 28 for a 5 p.m. start and then on Friday, Oct. 1, the varsity will host Trinidad at 4:30 p.m.

(See Video Clip of Maidens vs Kerens varsity HERE )

Sept. 21,  2021

Maidens volleyball teams win

matches against Grapeland

The Frankston Maidens, both the varsity and the junior varsity, took exciting wins over Grapeland Tuesday, Sept. 21 in the FHS gym.

The varsity Maidens looked like they were back in the form they displayed early in the season as they dominated the Grapeland girls in three sets, 25-12, 25-13, 25-8.

Earlier in the evening, the Junior Varsity Blue team took a 2-1 win over their Grapeland counterparts, 22-25, 25-21, 15-8.

In the first set, the Maidens varsity was in control throughout and Gracie Roark served out as the Maidens secured their win. They dominated also in the second set and in the third set they won decisively as Bandy Bizzell sustained her serves to help the Maidens  reach the winning score.

Earlier, the JV blue team lost a squeaker in the first set but came back in the next set to win their own close one 25-21, helped by the sustained serving of Addi Loebig. They went on to the win in the final set.

The varsity win made the Maidens 1-1 against 2A members of District 21-2A. They are also 1-1 against Class A members. Overall they a 12-7 for the season.

The Maidens varsity and JV will be going against Kerens Friday, Sept. 24, with action starting at 4:30 p.m. in the FHS gym. (Video clip of Junior Varsity action HERE )

Sept. 18,  2021

Maidens varsity defeats Oakwood

in three sets in 21-2A home opener

The Frankston Maidens varsity appeared to get back some of the rhythm they had lost from earlier in the season on Saturday, Sept. 18, when they won their first District 21-2A match over Class A member, Oakwood, in three straight sets, 3-0.

Despite having some serving errors in early going, the Maidens settled down to win the first set 25-14 as Bandy Bizzell served out the winning points. They picked up momentum in the second set, winning 25-6 with Maggie Caveness serving out for the final points. Despite some early difficulties, they finished out the third set for the win, 25-13.

The Maidens had a stellar non-district schedule, winning most of their non-district matches and two tournaments, until a two and one-half week layoff from competition due to cancellations in their schedule.

Their first time back was on Sept. 10 when they started district competition against defending Class A champion Neches who they played close but were defeated 3-1. Then on Sept. 14, they met a good Cayuga 2A team in their first match against a district 2A member and fell in three sets. Nevertheless they are 11-7 overall, 1-1 against Class A district members and 0-1 against a 2A member.

They will be meeting two straight 2A district members in coming matches, hoping to continue to return to their earlier successes.

On Tuesday, Sept. 21, the junior varsity and varsity will host 2A Grapeland starting at 5 p.m. at the FHS gym. Then on Friday, Sept. 24 they will host 2A Kerens for a 4:30 p.m. start, prior to the Indians’ Homecoming football game against District 9-2A opponent, Big Sandy. (Video Clip of Maidens-Oakwood action HERE )

Sept. 14,  2021

Maidens defeated by Cayuga 0-3

in volleyball match on Sept. 14

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team fell to Cayuga 0-3 Tuesday, Sept. 14 at Cayuga in the Maidens’ first match with a  2A team in District 21-2A, according to a report from Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens lost the first set 12-25, played closer at 16-25 in the second set and lost the third set 13-25, the coach said.

The Maidens varsity will be hosting Class A Oakwood Saturday, Sept. 18 at 10 a.m. in the FHS gym. Then on Tuesday, Sept. 21, the Maidens varsity and JV will be hosting 2A Grapeland in action beginning at 5 p.m.

Sept. 10,  2021

Maidens varsity loses to Neches

in close match 3-1 on Sept. 10

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team opened their District 21-2A schedule against Class A Neches Friday, Sept. 10 at Neches and fell 3-1 to the defending Class A champions, according to a report by Maidens Head Coach Lisa Hokit.

It was close in all but one set. In the first set, the Maidens lost 26-28, but they came back to win the second set 25-20 before losing the last two sets 12-25 and 21-25.

“We had some bright spots, but it was our first match in two and a half weeks and we had some players in new roles,” Coach Hokit said. “We couldn’t find a good rhythm.”

No set scores were immediately available for the junior varsity match which Coach Hokit said the Maidens JV lost in two sets.

Aug. 24,  2021

Maidens varsity falls to Eustace

in non-district volleyball contest

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team suffered their first loss in non-district play Tuesday, Aug. 24 as they fell to Class 3A Eustace 1-3 at Eustace, according to Coach Lisa Hokit.

The Maidens started off in the first set with an 11-25 loss and then fought back, only to be edged 23-25 by the Eustace varsity. They bounced back to win the third set  25-17 and then made it close in the fourth 23-25.

Up until that, the Maidens had won over Malakoff and Buffalo in season home openers and took the championships of the Palestine Tourney and the Eustace Tourney in the Silver Brackets.

The Frankston girls had met Eustace in pool play for the Eustace Tourney and fell to the Eustace girls who were competing for seeding in the Gold Bracket.

The Junior Varsity Blue team fell to Eustace 0-2, losing the first seet 18-25, and being edged 21-25 in the seccond. The JV white team lost to Eustace 0-2, falling 19-25, 14-25, according to Coach Madison Crisp.

UPDATE: In matches with Jacksonville on Friday, Aug. 27, the Blue Team lost,        1-2 and the White Team fell 0-2. The Blue team lost the first set 19-25, won the second 25-23 before losing the third and deciding set 11-15. The White team lost both sets, 9-25. 9-25, the coach reported.

The matches with Wills Point scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 31 have been canceled and there are no junior varsity matches or any tournaments to be held this week, according to Coach Hokit. Also middle school matches on Sept. 2 and Sept. 7 are canceled, she said. The Maidens coach said the next varsity and JV matches will be against Neches in district play at the FHS gym on Friday, Sept. 10.

August 24, 2021

SILVER BRACKET CHAMP — The Frankston Maidens varsity captured the championship of the Eustace Volleyvball Tourney Silver Bracket Saturday, Aug. 21 defeating Jacksonville 25-15, 25-11. They reached the finals by defeating Cross Roads 25-19, 26-28, 15-7 in the first round and then winning over Athens 25-15, 26-28, 15-9 in the semi-final round. It was the second tourney win for the Maidens, having won the Silver Bracket in the Palestine Tourney a week before. — Courtesy Photo

Aug. 17,  2021

Maidens varsity, JV take wins over

Buffalo volleyball teams on Aug. 17

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball continued their winning ways Tuesday, Aug. 17 with a 3-0 victory over the Buffalo Lady Bisons in action at the FHS gym.

The Maidens took the first set handily, 25-8, but then had to score five points to one for the Lady Bisons late in the second set before winning 25-20. In the third, they dominated late at 20-9 and went on to score the necessary five more points to win while allowing only five points for the Lady Bisons to secure a 25-14 victory in the decisive set of the best of five match.

Before that win, the Maiden varsity had won over Malakoff on Aug. 13 and captured the championship of the Silver Bracket at the Palestine Tourney with wins over Winona, Neches and Mildred.

Earlier in the evening, the Maidens JV White team won over Buffalo 2-1 taking the first set 26-24 before losing the second set 21-25 and then prevailing in the third and deciding set 15-7.

The Maidens JV Blue team won both sets of the best of three match, 25-14, 25-8.

Individual statistics were not immediately available.

Watch Maidens vs. Buffalo video clip   HERE

Aug. 13,  2021

Maidens volleyball posts wins on Aug. 13

over Malakoff; varsity tourney champs

The Frankston Maidens varsity volleyball team won the championship in the Silver Bracket of the Palestine Tourney Saturday, Aug. 14 defeating Mildred 25-19, 25-23 after earlier wins over Winona 25-12, 25-22 and Neches 21-25, 25-18, 15-9, according to a report from Coach Lisa Hokit.

Competing in the Eustace Tourney, the Maiden Junior Varsity qualified for the Gold Bracket but did not place, Coach Hokit said.

The Maidens teams were coming off wins in their season openers Friday, Aug. 13 in matches at the FHS gym.

The Maidens varsity pulled out a hard-fought 3-2 victory over their Malakoff counterparts and the junior varsity had won over the Lady Tigers JV 2-1 in the preliminary.

The JV took the two of three sets 25-10, 14-25, 25-16 in their first match on Friday.

Later the Maidens varsity quickly grabbed the lead with wins of 25-16, 25-14 in their first two sets, but Malakoff came back to even things up in the third and fourth sets 15-25, 23-25. In the fourth, the Maidens hung on to challenge before Malakoff scored the necessary points to win the set.

Forced into the final decisive fifth set, the Maidens looked like they were in big trouble as Malakoff reeled off a 0-7 lead before Frankston could score a point. They continued to score points, leading the Maidens 4-11 before the Frankston girls began a comeback. As it turned out, Malakoff would score only three more points while the Maidens started a 12-point run, tying things at 14-14, going ahead 15-14 and then winning the required two-point 16-14 margin to win the fifth set and the match.

Individual statistics on the matches were not immediately available.

The Maidens will be hosting Buffalo at the FHS gym on Tuesday, Aug.17 in their second non-district competition. Action is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. The varsity will be trying to stretch their winning record.

View Maidens vs. Malakoff Video HERE

Aug. 2,  2021

MAIDENS WORKOUT — Prospects for the Frankston Maidens volleyball team have been working out the week of Aug. 2 in the FHS gym in preparation for competition in the 2021 season. Coach Lisa Hokit said 29 girls reported for the practices on opening day. — Citizen Photo


Maidens open practice with 29 players;

Indians begin gridiron workouts Aug. 2

The Frankston Maidens volleyball team began their season practice Monday, Aug. 2 with 29 girls reporting for the first day of workouts, according to Lisa Hokit, Head Coach.

“I am pleased with the number of girls who came out and excited for the season,” Coach Hokit said. “They are working hard and I am seeing improvements in each player, each practice.”

The Maidens will open competition with scrimmages at Brownsboro and Athens on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 6 and 7. On Friday, Aug. 13 they will host Malakoff in non-district play at the FHS gym with varsity action beginning at 4:30 p.m. Watch for the final schedule in the sidebar.

(UPDATE) The Maidens will also be hosting a Barbecue Fundraiser  on Monday, Aug. 9 in the high school cafeteria. Plates are $13, Coach Hokit said. It has been changed to immediately follow the Open House or  "Meet the Teachers" event on all campuses, set from 4 to 6:15 p.m.

  BATTLE AT THE NET — Emily Bizzell (10) battles with a Normangee hitter at the net in the Bi-district match on Thursday, Oct. 29.

— Courtesy Photo

— Courtesy Photo






Season Record: 13-7

District Record: 11-3

— Courtesy Photo






Season Record: 13-8

District Record: 11-3

  TRINIDAD ACTION — Maiden freshman Bandy Bizzell (12) contests with a Trinidad hitter at the net Saturday, Oct. 24 as the Maidens won their final match of the regular season 3-0.

—Courtesy Photo

  CROSS ROADS PLAY — Haidyn Hokit (14) returns the volleyball in action against Cross Roads Tuesday, Oct. 20.

— Courtesy Photo

  MELANY DIGS — Frankston Maiden senior Melany Pizano (2) gets down to dig out the volleyball Tuesday, Oct. 13 against Grapeland.

— Courtesy Photo

  AT TOP Gracie Roark (17) battles Neches hitter at the net.

  BELOW Tia Billingsley (4) goes high for a spike against Neches Friday, Oct 2.   Courtesy Photos

  MAGGIE RETURN — Maggie Caveness (15) goes up to return the volleyball against Cross Roads Saturday, Sept. 26 in the Frankston Maidens 3-0 win.

— Courtesy Photo