2020-2023 News Article Archives

The Frankston Citizen Online published news articles in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 covering news of local events, beginning after the suspension of publication of the 109-year-old weekly newspaper, The Frankston Citizen. The effort was begun by a group of local citizens in hopes that some individual or entity would come forward to either continue the publication of the website and/or resume publication of the weekly newspaper to preserve the legacy of The Frankston Citizen as a community tradition. Since there have been no individuals or entities which have expressed an interest, the citizens group has seen no future in pursuing the aforementioned project indefinitely. The approximately three years of archives of The Frankston Citizen Online have been donated to the non-profit Frankston Depot Library and Museum, Inc. for reference and research of library and museum users, along with ownership of the unencumbered assets, tangible and intangible. Those archives can be accessed using the drop-down menus accompanying this page and other pages on this website.

These archives will be available for access at the  Frankston Depot Library or online, for an indefinite time, at www.frankstoncitizen.com .

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