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Here are the obituaries posted for the month and year from information provided courtesy of local and area funeral homes and published on their websites or those submitted by families or previously published in The Frankston Citizen weekly newspaper.. If an obituary is overlooked and it is desired that it be posted, please inform us at . Families may request changes or additions, if required. If you have an obituary for a person who has connections with someone or some family in the Frankston-Poynor-LaRue or Lake Palestine area that you want posted to this month or to the archives, and is not currently posted, please let us know at . Obituaries selected or submitted should follow a format which is essentially consistent with other obituaries posted here or by funeral homes and follow standard grammatical style. Through arrangements with funeral homes and/or the families, we will publish pictures with current obituaries. We will add pictures to archived obituaries from the print version of The Citizen newspaper prior to September 2019 when available. Pictures with archived obituaries posted after that will be added in cooperation with funeral homes or on requests from families.  Replace a flower with a picture, if desired. As was the tradition of the Citizen newspaper, obituaries are published at no charge

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The obituaries in this section are those published in The Frankston Citizen weekly newspaper the year before it suspended publication in September 2019 and beginning in June 1999 when the newspaper first began its website. Only some pictures of the deceased individuals during this period are available. If a family desires to submit a picture and submits one which we can edit to insert adjacent to the obituary, contact us at .

This Page and the linked obituaries are being reconstructed. If you need information from one of the months not linked here, you may see a copy of the newspaper with your desired obituary at the Frankston Depot Library.

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